300 Hour Reflexology Certification Program

Getting Started

Fill out the online registration form.  If you’d like to secure your seat in the class, also include your $100 deposit. This can be done through PayPal, or contact Emilee if you’d prefer to use a different method of payment.

We offer two programs a year. Spring and Fall. Our program contains 8 modules, 16 Classes, over the span four months.

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Many of our students are weaving this intensive training program into already busy lives. If a class is missed, we ask the student to be caught up with the material before the next class meets. Emilee’s structured curriculum ensures that you stay on course with the class.

Your $100 deposit is nonrefundable. It secures your seat in the class and also is deducted from the cost of the first weekend module.

General Info

Woodstock, IL

Specific location TBD

Bring your openness, curiosity and beginner’s mind. Emilee provides everything else!

Completion of our program means that you have met all of the requirements to be a professional Certified Reflexologist.

Our program meets the standards of education within our profession, as stated by the American Reflexology Certification Board. We prepare you with a solid foundational competency of the art and science of reflexology.

Our program consists of 110 in-class hours, integrating hands on learning with book knowledge. Additional homework assignments, (approximately 90 hours out-of-class hours) assist you in expanding and exploring yourself within the context of reflexology.

The eight modules end with a final written and practical exam. At this point, students receive a Certificate of Attendance, acknowledging their completion of 200 hours of reflexology training.

Students continue their individual path to completing the required 100 hours of SOAP note documented reflexology sessions. Each student creates goals and makes a plan with Emilee to pace their progress as they shift from student mode to paid professional. Upon finishing the 100 documented hours, the student is officially and formally a Certified Reflexologist.

Emilee is with you along the way, as you journey from being her student to becoming her colleague.

Individual Mentorship Program

A unique option for learning, this program is offered to individuals who are driven, focused and deeply called to become a reflexologist. This program is individually created, structured and paced, meeting all of the same goals and requirements of the eight-module course. If the weekend modules are not an option in your life’s schedule, consider this.

Please contact Emilee for more information.

We create our own schedule.



The eight module program is set up to ‘pay as you go’. Each payment is $350 per module.

Payments can be made with cash, check, or credit.

Emilee accepts payments in person each class module.

The only online payment made is to hold your deposit. No other payments are made online.

Yes, a Zero Gravity Lounge Chair is required for giving sessions. It’s a lightweight and portable chair that comfortably positions your client in relation to you. Emilee offers the best chair she has found throughout her years of practice, and they are available for purchase while you are enrolled as a student.

There is also an optional workbook, and an anatomical foot bone model which are recommended supplements to your learning.

If you have any concerns about extra costs putting you out of budget, please contact Emilee.

Payments can be made with cash, check, or credit.

Emilee accepts payments in person each class module.

The only online payment made is to hold your deposit. No other payments are made online.

If you realize the program is not for you, you can stop attending and paying. However, no refunds are granted for the classes you already attended.

Other Common Questions

The American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB) is a national certifying agency for professional reflexologists. There is no license for reflexology. The ARCB sets the industry standards for the highest recognized certification for reflexologists.
The Reflexology Association of America (RAA) is a nonprofit organization that promotes the scientific and professional advancement of reflexology. The organization’s mission is to elevate and standardize the quality of reflexology services and education available to the public.