Emilee Eide

ARCB Certified Reflexologist | Reflexology Teacher | Owner Sole Purpose Reflexology School

Mother, Healer, Reflexology Teacher. Emilee finds profound purpose in her work as a Reflexologist. She is deeply dedicated to working with clients on their wellness journey. Spreading the seeds of knowledge and extending reflexology through her students to their clients, Emilee’s sole intention is to create a continuum of healing beginning with her own practice and expanding beyond.


Emilee draws from her previous training, experience, and knowledge to create a holistic approach to reflexology.










The Journey to reflexology

"Fireworks went off in my mind.
I knew this would be my sole purpose

Emilee has practiced reflexology almost all her life. She recalls, at the young age of 5, rubbing her dad’s feet when he returned home from work. The path which led her to teach reflexology as an adult is unconventional and interdisciplinary.

Before having children, Emilee lived in Asheville, North Carolina. She was involved in Daoist healing arts and meditation as well as a being a licensed massage therapist. Her massage therapy practice attracted many pregnant woman, this inspired Emilee to enhance her skills and become a doula. During labor support, she would work points on the feet, to assist in grounding and comforting the laboring mother, as well as assist in promoting productive and consistent contractions.

Eventually, she left her massage practice and moved to Woodstock, Illinois where she became a full-time stay at home mother of two. She put her professional life on hold. Knowing that when her daughters were old enough for school, she would return to some form of healing service work.

On her daughter’s fifth birthday, Emilee was decorating cupcakes in her kitchen, and an interview came on the old tube radio. (Which, by the way, rarely, if ever worked.) The radio channeled a conversation with Dr. Oz. He was sharing that at the hospital where he performed heart surgeries, it was required that all of the patients receive either acupuncture or reflexology before leaving the hospital. They were finding that with these modalities, rates of infection decreased, and rates of recovery increased. 

Upon hearing the interview Emilee recalls, “Fireworks went off in my mind! I knew this would be my sole purpose. Emphatic and assured, I immediately researched where I could go to school to learn reflexology, and found one only an hour drive away”. School began the following week. Emilee knew the timing was divine, “This is my Sole Purpose.” she told her teacher when enrolling in the school, over a decade ago.


In the Spring of 2010, she attended Healthy Soles School of Reflexology’s 300 hour Certification Course. With great focus and drive, she quickly finished all of her required hours of training, and seamlessly began her professional life as a reflexologist.



The path of my Practice

"I also had a private practice out of my home, which got so busy, I had to eventually leave the clinic."

I started as an independent contractor at Northwest Healthcare Center, a local Naprapath clinic. Where I gave monthly informational talks to teach and share with people the benefits of reflexology. I also had a private practice out of my home, which got so busy, I had to eventually leave the clinic. I became a Sole Proprietor and my business grew little by little every month. 

As my children have grown, so has my business, from Sole Proprietor to now an S-Corporation. When my teacher, Sue Watson, retired, I inherited the school, and moved it to Woodstock, Illinois, where I live. This began my career as a reflexology teacher. I have taught the 300-hour Certification Course at The Healthy Soles School of Reflexology since 2014. As the years have passed, I have developed my own methods and approaches to teaching and practicing the art and science of reflexology. 2020 begins the first year that I will be teaching under my own name, Sole Purpose Reflexology School. Ending my connection with the past and creating a new and natural beginning.

Inquiring minds want to know...

Do you have any specific moment of awe, inspiration, or alignment, that your practice of reflexology has instigated?

There are many levels of awe that I witness on a daily basis. It’s most interesting when a client comes in for their first ever reflexology experience. Besides holding feet, we have the honor of holding space. It is the our responsibility to create an environment that facilitates our client’s personal awareness and deep insights regarding their state of wellness. During a one hour session, there is no place to go, and no where to be, but present with each other, having a unique and authentic experience.

What are the physical benefits of reflexology?

There are general benefits of reflexology; brining the body into balance, stress reduction and decreasing inflammation are common conditions that bring clients into the chair. Every body’s reflex response is as unique and individual as the story held in their feet. Intention is the driving force behind the work. When the client and practitioner set an intention, it guides and directs the path to wellness.

The most valuable lesson that reflexology has taught you?

Let the work speak for itself. Reflexology is a powerful modality, its action alone speaketh. I used to believe that the,’only way out is in’, then I shifted my belief that, ‘the only way out is through’, I now stand in the belief that, ‘the only way out is with’. Reflexology is reciprocal. It is a Namaste opportunity. Who has landed in the chair before me? What is there for me to learn?

What are the spiritual benefits of reflexology? 

We work on the physical level, nudging the body’s innate wisdom into action. And yet, there is more invisible of us, than visible. Our physical body emits an energy field, where mental, emotional, spiritual bodies of us exist. Healing is a personal journey, with no expectation of outcomes. Miracles happen. Spontaneous healing happens. As a practitioner, allowing infinite possibilities on behalf of the client, is of utmost importance.

Based on your experience, what was the learning process for reflexology like?

One thing being a reflexology teacher has taught me is that the learning never ends! The Certification Course gives a broad base, solid foundation to the basic understanding and workings of reflexology, but every day, with every client, I am learning something new, or revisiting something old that I now have a new understanding about. We are only limited by our own minds. Staying open and curious assures our evolution.

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